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Travel Texas

Making Exploration A Part Of The Journey


Travel Texas is a program headed by The Office of the Governor, Economic Development and Tourism with the goal of promoting Texas as a premier travel destination. The project currently operates an effective website and marketing campaign, but there is no app offered. I saw the opportunity to create a trip assistance app which could be used on a mobile basis by both casual explorers as they travel and road trip enthusiasts who prefer to plan ahead. Trip planning can be overwhelming, and there is a need for users to be offered suggestions to explore to assist them with this task.

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Travel Texas website screens

How might an app inspire users to engage in more exploration in the trip planning experience?
By presenting trip suggestions based on their specific interests, the app would encourage the user to explore more travel opportunities.

Log In Screen

Home Screen

Road Trips Screen

Trip Details Screen


The Log In Screen features a full screen slideshow of photography of popular Texas travel destinations as the user logs in. The Home Screen offers 4 prompts at the top for the user to get started with trip planning. The bottom half of the screen features a promotion for road trip suggestions for the user to explore. Upon clicking the road trip button, the user is brought to a screen with cards representing each road trip. By selecting a card, the user is able to view the trip details screen. Cards along the bottom feature each stop on the tour.


Restaurants Screen

Map Screen

Itinerary Screen


Trip Destination Screen

Clicking a tour stop card brings the user to a screen with detailed information about that destination. There are options to view a map, view the itinerary, and return to the Trips Home Screen. Along the bottom are buttons for exploring nearby attractions. For example, clicking on "Restaurants" brings the user to a screen with options near that tour stop. The user can click to add an option to their itinerary. Clicking the map button allows the user to view where the destination is located and includes nearby attractions. The pre-made itinerary serves as a suggested trip plan starting point and is fully customizable by the user to suit their needs. The suggested order of trip stops can be adjusted by dragging to a new position, time frames can be altered, and itinerary sections can be added and removed.


Explore Screen

Interests Screen

Interests Selection Screen


Results Screen


Another method to aid the user's trip idea generation is the "Explore" section of the app. There are options to explore by region, to explore by interests, and to explore the road trip suggestions previously detailed. The "Explore By Interests" screen presents the user with a variety of categories to choose from. Upon submitting their chosen categories, the user is shown trip suggestions as well as an option to keep exploring different topics.


Travel Texas inspires travelers to experience the wide variety of destinations Texas offers. I've designed this app to provide tools for generating trip ideas, exploring trip suggestions, and organizing trip details. The app would serve as a useful tool to encourage the user to explore a variety of options as they establish their trip plan.

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