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Buying Boba Tea On-The-Go


Sharetea is a multinational boba (bubble) tea company started in 1992 in Taiwan. They pride themselves on their high quality ingredients, shipped directly from Taiwan to all of their stores worldwide. The brand is popular with customers in their 20's and 30's. The Sharetea app does not offer a very compelling ordering experience and features dark, outdated graphics. I decided to redesign the app featuring updated, brighter graphics, in addition to incorporating a rewards program and adding a store locator.

My main goals were to present users with a compelling brand experience and provide a convenient, streamlined process to order on-the-go.

Current App Screens


Log In Screen

Home Screen


Sub-Category Screen

Order Details Screen


The current app Log In Screen is straightforward with typical prompts. The Home Screen shows a list of products from the menu and a nav bar is at the bottom. Upon clicking a drink category, the user is brought to a screen with drink options from that category. For the ordering details, the user is presented with a long list of customization options. Overall, the visuals are dark and present an uninviting user experience.

How might the app offer an appealing, more on-brand approach to the ordering experience?
By incorporating a brighter color scheme and lighter graphic style, the customer would be offered a more inviting experience.

Home Screen

The Log In screen of the redesigned app establishes the Sharetea branding experience. It features a large image of one of their signature drinks surrounded by tea-related iconsThe user is prompted to Log In, Create Account, or Browse As Guest. Upon making a selection, the user is brought to the Home Screen which displays the menu categories. A nav bar slides up from the bottom of the screen.

Log In Screen

Sub-Category Screen


Order Screen

Cart Screen

The wide variety of flavors, colors, and textures of Sharetea drinks was something I wanted to focus on. In my redesign, I grouped the different categories of drinks into color-coded sections. By selecting a section category, the user is then presented with a scrollable row of each drink in that section.


Upon selecting a drink, a card with more information about the product is revealed. The user is prompted to place an order or alternatively return to the drink section. If the user places an order, a card with their order information is revealed for their review. The user is prompted to continue with the order and pay.


Options Overlay


A searchable store locator is added in the redesign. The user enters their zip code to create a list of nearby stores to select from. If the user creates a profile, this information is stored for future use. If the user is not logged in while browsing the drink menu, this feature is activated to prompt the user to select their preferred store to order from. The user may also browse as a guest if they choose. 

Store Screen


Favorite Items Screen

Featured Items Screen

Rewards Screen

Additional screens from the redesign include a Favorite Items section which enables the user to make a quicker product selection based on their purchase history. The Featured Items section draws the user's attention to special items and prompts them to order. The Rewards section incentivizes the user to accrue points that can be redeemed for free drinks.


Sharetea offers a great variety of products and has an established brand among its customers. I redesigned this website to emphasize those strengths and improve the purchasing experience for continued brand loyalty among its target audience. My goal was to have a fun, streamlined ordering process that would enhance the user's overall experience.

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