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Teen Brand Mini-Site

For this teen-focused project, I used existing images to compile an immersive brand experience. My intent was to bring the viewer into the rough-edged, urban environments and surfing/skateboarding lifestyles of the target audience.


For this mini-site project, I created an interactive "look-book" for the I Heart Ronson brand for teen girls. With creative image placement and animation, I was able to stretch the use of the pre-existing photography to create a simulated 3D space to draw the viewer in.

I Heart Ronson
Halloween Costume Feature

This project showcases children's Halloween costumes in a colorful, engaging experience. I had a lot of fun with this project by creating playful custom graphics for the "Trick-Or-Treat" badge, navigation bar, and background images.

Prom Experience

I was tasked with creating some static graphics for the Juniors' (Teen Girls') upcoming prom season one spring. I recognized an opportunity to create an interactive experience that would showcase the product photography more effectively. I wanted to create something fun that would tap into teens' excitement about planning for their prom experience. My concept was an interactive look-book featuring different categories of Teens' products related to prom. It would promote JCPenney as a one-stop shop for anyone planning for prom.

In-store Kiosks

I created interactive screens for multiple store departments for the JCPenney in-store kiosks with the goal of enhancing the customer's shopping experience.

Pier 1 Imports:
Student Office Website Feature

This was a fun project with the aim of inspiring customers to build their own unique, creative workspace using Pier 1 products. I worked with a copywriter to select which products to feature along with the copy to inspire the user's creativity. Next I designed a layout that evoked a scrapbook collage in progress, which I thought would appeal to the target audience of creative, crafty, college students and young adults. I worked with a photo stylist to design the custom set and art directed the photography.

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