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True Leaf Studio Brochure

Brochure design for local plant nursery showcasing their products and services. I applied the brand's minimalist aesthetic and incorporated graphics with a focus on nature into the design. 

Texas Tulips Brochure

Brochure design for local tulip farm highlighting their goods and services. I used colorful floral photography to bring this project to life.

catalog_spread_mockup copy.jpg
JCPenney Wedding Registry Catalog

I created the concept, art directed the photography, and designed the layout for this catalog spread. The theme was fairy tales, and I incorporated a fairy wand into the layout.


We bridge the gaps in your network.

You take all the credit.

We're at our best when traffic is at its worst.

Verizon Ad Series

These ads were featured in technology trade magazines for Verizon Wholesale services. I worked with a copywriter to create these fantastical, larger-than-life visual analogies for the broad capabilities Verizon provided for their large-scale tech customers.

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