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Rumi Case Study

As part of my User Experience Design course at SMU, I worked with a team to create an app to help people manage their anxiety better. We sought to differentiate our product by offering features that were lacking in existing apps.

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In designing an app for Travel Texas, I explored an opportunity to assist users in the often overwhelming process of trip planning. The app provides tools for generating trip ideas, exploring trip suggestions, and organizing trip details.

Travel Texas Case Study

In redesigning the Sharetea app, my main goals were to present users with a compelling brand experience and provide a convenient, streamlined process to order on-the-go.

Sharetea Case Study
Ecobee Case Study

While the Ecobee thermostat system allows for a wide variety of customization and personalization of settings, its dashboard interface has room for improvementI redesigned the dashboard controls to be more streamlined and visually reflect the brand better.

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